Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Day one impressions

Just one day and I'm already tired. I didn't get to play too many games with all the regular work I had to do during the show, but I was lucky enough to get in the Wii line super early. Yes, the remote controls as good as you hoped it would. I played some tennis, batting game, WarioWare, and Metroid Prime 3. Aside from Metroid, they were all super intuitive and a ton of fun. It's going to be very hard to wait till later this year to own the Wii. Metroid took some getting used to, but it's very cool once you do.

I'm hoping to get in early again tomorrow to try out Mario and Sonic (someone told me it rocks?!). Other than that, I looked at some PS3 games and they look pretty good. Nothing like the Killzone video from last year of course. So far, it seems Nintendo and MS are having a better show. There are some hot PC items too. Some friends told me the behind closed door demo of Crysis is amazing.

Oh, there is an arcade Virtua Fighter 5 on the floor, which I need to spend time with. The conversion to PS3 should be flawless. I think I've only seen 10% of what's here first hand. Going to try real hard to actually play more tomorrow.

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