Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Old school holiday weekend

I recall playing a good portion of Castlevania Aria of Sorrow on the GBA, but the save file indicated only 20% of the game had been uncovered. The craving for old school action was only intensifying with the imminent US release of the DS Lite, so it came to be that I started from scratch and beat Aria over the long weekend.

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At first I got a lame ending and figured there had to be multiple story resolutions. That assumption was correct, so I forged ahead and obtained the best ending. The verdict? Satisfaction. I actually had no idea Dawn of Sorrow was a sequel to Aria. I had picked up Dawn right when it was released, but it has been sitting on the shelf waiting for the DS-Lite to work its brighter magic.

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I also finally polished off Mario vs. Donkey Kong and was sad that it had to end. That lasted all of two seconds before the “plus” worlds revealed themselves and I had a whole new challenge to tackle. Sweet. I’m even more happy that there is a MvD sequel in the works for the DS. If you've never given MvD a chance, I strongly recommend you look up this modern day classic.

Next on the menu is Metroid Fusion. I’m hoping to finish before the temptation of New Super Mario Bros finally gets to me.

Oh, I also noticed DS-Lite pre-orders online are now bundle-only. It has begun.

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