Thursday, May 04, 2006

US DS Lite official!

Wow, I’ve been itching to import a DS Lite, but I just knew with E3 so close we’d hear something soon. June 11th, $129.99. Unfortunately, white is the only domestic color offered. I can live with it.

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Already feeling like 1,080 scanning lines of pixels isn’t enough? Engineers from NHK, the Japanese public broadcasting company and research group are starting to show off a TV that has 4,320 scanning lines of pixels. Currently dubbed Ultra High-Definition Television, it’s said to be at least 20 years off into the future. Obviously nothing is captured with that much detail now, only two cameras in the world exist that capture in 4320 pixels. At least that means you won’t have to worry about rebuying your current DVDs a fourth time, since a natively ultra HD version of Breakfast Club doesn’t exist. I wonder how it would looked upconverted to 4,320? Hmmm…

Speaking of sharp looking things, I popped in Final Fantasy The Spirits Within the other night. I’m not sure why. Part of it was in preparation for E3. With all the fancy PS3 demos sure to dazzle, I wanted a recent point of reference for truly cutting edge CG graphics. I’m also trying to psyche myself up to buy Advent Children. I know it won’t be great, but it should entertain in the same good looking CG action mold.

In other random thoughts:

- I’m looking forward to the E3 HD trailers and demos that will be available on Xbox 360. Although I’ll be at the show, it’ll be nice to come back and enjoy anything I might have missed or want to relive in HD quality on a big TV. The Halo 3 footage scheduled to be shown at the Microsoft press conference is not among announced downloadable trailers, but it’s got to be a matter of time. It’s just too bad the 360 hard drive is so small and DL times take so long, or else MS could really blow out the demos and footage.

- It’s hard to believe, but you’ll soon be able to buy the original Star Wars Trilogy sans digital touch-ups. A part of me says wait till they release this again on Blu-ray, but another part says don’t wait.

- Last night’s episode of Lost was just amazing. That’s all I wanted to say about it.


richi_rich said...

Hurray for DS Lite. I'm thinking about selling my original one asap so I can get lite. But then, I'm buying New Super Mario Bros. and I want to be able to play that.

Sigh, choices...sigh money.

Saril said...

Well you know normal film stock actually has a resolution of 4096*4096 so its safe that most studios could alteast theoreticly rise to the challenge of UHD ;)