Friday, May 26, 2006

Xbox 360 HD-DVD

Pics surfaced a few days ago of the HD-DVD attachment for the 360. The question is, how much will stand alone HD-DVD players be by this holiday season when the attachment is out? If the attachment is $100 and the lowest cost player is $300, then I’ll go with the former. But if the price difference is only like $100 or maybe $150, then I would probably prefer a separate device.

Considering how flakey the 360 can be, I feel uncomfortable using it as an everyday DVD/HD-DVD player. Still, the way I have my 360 laid out in my entertainment area leaves enough space for the add-on. As of this moment, there are 19 HD-DVD releases in stores. I only kind of want one of them, so waiting till the holidays is not that tough. Will have to keep close tabs on how this plays out.

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RIP Captain Jack
Anyone familiar with Dance Dance Revolution has frantically moved their bodies to some Captain Jack jams. I happened upon some Captain Jack videos on YouTube that got me all nostalgic and wanting to look up some previous albums. That lead me to his Wiki page entry where I learned he had passed away last year. Bummer.

The good news is three of his albums including his most recent greatest hits compilation is available on iTunes. A great deal considering all his albums are sold here as costly imported CDs. Give his infectious tracks a try if you haven’t before.

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Anonymous said...

this the captain jack that does the awesome song for vermont teddie bears?