Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Neo Geo Craving

I was already on an old school kick before playing New Super Mario Bros, but now it’s a full on frenzy. The old Neo Geo, super sprite itch is flaring up, tops on the wanted list is King of Fighters XI. Ported from the Atomiswave arcade hardware, XI was just released in Japan for the PS2, but a US release seems highly unlikely. Word is that the 3D backgrounds are cool, the characters are slightly more hi-res than usual, and the gameplay/system is the best since KOF 98. Man….very tempted.

I should probably just hook up my Dreamcast and Neo Geo home system and see if that satisfies my cravings.

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DS web browsing
Check out this impression of the browser. This is very exciting if you’re like me and don’t usually keep your home PC on. Just turn on the DS and get some directions, check traffic, or whatever. Sounds like access would be much faster than doing that sort of thing through my cell phone.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Blu-ray push begins

Woah, did you know Blu-ray players are hitting stores in two weeks? Just sort of crept up all of sudden. Not that any sane person would care though. Both the Sony and Samsung players go for $999.99 and discs go for $30-40 a piece (you can find them discount by $10 at most places ).

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I’m looking forward to eventually owning one of the HD disc formats, but perfectly content with getting HD from cable at this point. I’ve been watching tons of baseball, basketball, and now World Cup Soccer, so the lack of the costlier premium HD movie channels has been painless.

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It’ll be interesting to read up on how good the first batch of discs are. The quality of the visual and audio mastering, etc. The initial batch of DVDs way back in the day were good at the time, but are pretty crappy compared to today’s standards. I let my subscription to Widescreen Review lapse, but now seems like a good time to jump back aboard.

Someone asked me recently about upconverting DVD players as an alternative to jumping on the true HD player wagon, but I haven’t kept up on the newest ones. When I was reading up on them, they none were perfect. A quick scan shows that most hover at the $200 mark. If you already have a progressive scan DVD player, it definitely seems like a waste to spring for one now. Especially since a stand alone HD-DVD player should be marked down closer to the $300-350 range later this year. Oh man, if the HD-DVD attachment for the 360 can come under the $200 mark (gasp, possibly $100?!)…I would have to abandon the Blu-ray ship.

Making the PS3/Blu-ray outlook even grimmer is the fact that everyone I know is buying or has bought a 360. Across the board - my hardcore friends who said they would wait for PS3 are now not going to buy it, my co-workers in marketing are going 360, and other causual gaming friends who have stuck with the PlayStation brand for their digital entertainment are 360’d. It’s an epidemic.

DS Lite is now in the house. I’m more excited than I thought I’d be. Weird.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Congratulations to Jay and Tory! Yay!

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