Tuesday, July 11, 2006


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Almost beat Prey for the 360, but it’s making my head spin something awful. Around chapter 10 was the first time I had to stop and had a head ache that lasted about an hour. At chapter 15 (the 360 achievements tell me there are 22 total), I had a dizzy spell that lasted the rest of the day and night. Not pleasant. I love the concept of enemies being on the ceiling and gravity shifting since that’s how space should be. In practice, it’s nauseating. I’d like to see how the story plays out, but it may be a while before it gets fired up again. If ever.

Also tried out Chromehounds. Very generic mech shooter. It probably gets more interesting and intense further in, but it lost me early on. Looks like it’s going to be up to Battle for Middle Earth II for 360 action. I borrowed that as well, but only had time to try out Prey and Hounds so far. I’m sure I’ll just end up buying BfME II.

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