Friday, August 04, 2006

360 Action

Ended up installing Winter Assault on my PC the other night. I had to run it in the low settings to get rid of the choppiness. Not good. Now I’m not so sure Company of Heroes will get purchased. Sorta on the bright side, FEAR for the 360 is said to run as good as a super high end PC. I held out on playing it since it just ran ok on my rig.

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I downloaded Street Fighter II last night and have 14 wins and 14 losses. Maybe two matches had slight lag, but overall it played great.

On a technical level, I was impressed by the Saint’s Row demo, but just couldn’t get into it. I can wait till GTA4 comes out. The Ninety-Nine Nights demo on the other hand confirmed what I already knew – I must have this game. The Dead Rising demo is out today, so I’ll have to check that out too. Hurray for marketplace!


sean said...

Ehn, that 99 Nights demo was such a disappointment...and I wasn't even expecting all that much. I was hoping "next gen" didn't mean hundreds of lookalike soldiers just sort of milling about like zombies. It's just Dynasty Warriors all over again. Then again, I gave up on it pretty quickly...what'd you like about it?

Speaking of zombies, I really dug the Dead Rising demo. I guess it's kinda like 99 Nights, since you slice through hordes indescriminately and repetetively, only the enemies have a much better excuse for milling about like zombies.

Wataru Maruyama said...

In no particular order, the things I liked about the N3 demo - 1) Combo attacks. The variety is pretty good for a game of this type. 2) I like the character designs, hopefully there is more variety later. 3) Graphics. I think they're pretty snazzy. 4) Story. Um, well not sure if it's going to be any good, but I'm interested to see what sort of mischief that impulsive Inphy gal gets into. Where does the girl in the magic hat and staff fit into all this? Does the troll creature get revenge for his people? I guess you can say the cinema intro had me hooked.

Frosty said...

Yeah, I was very lukewarm on the game after playing N3... maybe it's because I am so tired of that Dynasty Warriors Plus game design. My other friends and I are pretty pissed of at Capcom for Street Fighter, though, as nobody I know can play that game without some sort of hiccup or major lag or that crappy d-pad on the 360 controller. I can't even play unless I host the games myself, which is just plain sad. I knew a guy who played the game a month or so before its release and said that it played significantly better than it does now. Maybe the sheer number of people play is what's causing the issues. Who knows? Regardless, my dream of having a somewhat serious fighting game match over online is still non-existant. I guess I'll just go back to my PS2 and Street Fighter Alpha Anthology and let my 360 collect dust again. I find it sad that a six-year-old console provides me with considerably more fun than a next-generation one does.