Thursday, September 21, 2006

Fuji-Q and Games

Getting caught back up after returning from a trip to Japan.

I finally got to check out Fuji-Q Highland, which is sort of like Great America or Six Flags. It is home to three world famous roller coasters and sits at the foot of Mount Fuji. There are plenty of other attractions too like a Hamtaro themed area and other rides. It’s not huge though, but big enough to keep you busy.

These chicken katsu nuggets in the shape of Mount Fuji were intensely delicious.
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This is the archway to the Thomas the Tank Engine area of the park. It gave me this creepy, Silent Hill vibe so I had to take this photo.
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One of the places I got to stay was a traditional hot springs bath hotel. Check out this snazzy tatami room adjacent to the regular living room area where dinner was later served.
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I started Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones for the GameBoy on the plane ride to Japan and got about halfway by the time I got back to American soil. I still need to replay the previous game due to an error in leveling up the main characters. Yup, they just can’t survive the last stage. I didn’t make that mistake with Sacred Stones though. My core characters are ridiculous and my secondary people aren’t too shabby either thanks to the many side area level up opportunities.

After I complete both games, I’ll be ready to tackle the GameCube Path of Radiance. Seeing the footage of the next Fire Emblem game for the Wii has got me motivated. Still, I would rather see more of the installment continue on the DS. Snazzier sprite graphics ala the upgrade Advance Wars saw in its journey from GBA to DS would be lovely.

While we’re sort of talking GameCube, there are several other games on the shelf I want to get back to soon. I made it halfway through Killer 7 and RE: Code Veronica. Wouldn’t take much to polish those off. I picked up some Pikmin merchandise in Japan, which got me itching to play Pikmin 2. During the Toys R Us closures, I snagged a Baten Kaitos for $2. I don’t think I’ll ever have time to play such a lengthy RPG, but at least I don’t feel guilty for letting $2 sit on the shelf. The sequel, or actually prequel, comes out in another month or so I think.

I bought Cooking Mama last week although watching the footage of the upcoming Wii version made me consider waiting for the console version. Ah well, you can never have enough Cooking Mama. I did end up passing on Mario Hoops. I figured out the game I really want is Mario Strikers and transferred that desire to Hoops. Why? Because Strikers is still $50 and Hoops is $30. You’d think with a follow up for the Wii announced, the price on the older one would drop a little.

The 2006 Tokyo Game Show doesn’t officially begin until later tonight, but so far there are plenty of interesting info nuggets. I’m really hoping some encouraging PS3 news emerges because the outlook seems to get bleaker by the week.

I don’t normally watch horror movies, but Silent Hill is in a different category for me. It was just “ok”. Maybe folks who aren’t as familiar with the creatures from the series would be more freaked out. The creature effects are really great though, and the music by Akira Yamaoka is outstanding.

I was in the mood for some Star Wars, so I finally took out Episode III from its packaging. There were plenty of stuff that bothered me about it in the theater, but the good outweighed the bad and entertainment was had. This DVD viewing was another matter. I outright hate the movie now. Without a doubt the only cool moment from the newer trilogy is the fight with Darth Maul. Even that was tainted by his demise. Agh. I’m just done. Done I say.

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