Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Turkey Weekend

Despite having a Wii, my 360 is getting the most love. I’ve been switching between Gears of War, DOAX2, and Rainbow Six Vegas. It’s also because I’m saving Twilight Princess until I have a good chunk of time to devote solely to it.

Wii Sports is a ton of fun. It’s definitely best in short bursts, but I would love a variety of titles like Wii Sports that I could select from depending on my mood. Other than that, I’m not too tempted by the other Wii titles out right now. Wario Ware is probably my next purchase and perhaps Wii Play if it comes out here soon.

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Nick Lott said...

Rayman is pretty good and genuinely funny.

WiiPlay is a good call to get because it has been confirmed that the North American release will have a packed in controller a la it's European and Japanese releases.