Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Twilight Princess = 70+ Hours

I thought Okami was a long game at 35 hours, but the new Zelda is reportedly a whopping 70+ hours. Sounds like I won’t need to add anymore Wii games to my shopping list till next year. Considering how sidetracked I get with any game that features a fishing mini-game, my hour total might be closer to 100 hours. Thank goodness the holidays are going to allow me some quality game time.

Downloaded the Rainbow Six Vegas demo the other night and it’s pretty much everything I was hoping for. It looks great and has the feeling of Rainbow Six 3 on the Xbox, but with just enough new GRAW-like tweaks to make it all nice.

I was thinking I would play Vegas mostly until DOAX2 came out, but it looks like that will ship on time, arriving the on the same day as R6. Team Ninja games usually suffer a delay or two, but the news that DOAX2 has gone gold is awesome.

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There’s lots of excitement about Guitar Hero II coming out this week. It’s almost enough to make me crack and get the PS2 version instead of holding out for the 360 release (no clue when that’ll come out). Luckily, Elite Beat Agents will be the only music-related game I need for a while. I’m so psyched to play it. I sampled it a little here in the office, but I want to wait to play through my own copy.

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Speaking of releases this week, the other game I’ll check out is Gears of War. The reviews are just bananas. I mean, it’s getting 9s and 10s all over the place.

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I was thinking of sneaking in another new game this past weekend, but decided to try and finish off Killer 7. I’m maybe 1 or 2 hours away from that goal. I have absolutely no clue how it’ll end and that’s the way I like it. I might have to play through it again in one sitting at a later date to better absorb the deliciously bizarre story.


Montry said...

Gears of War is incredible. It seems like the game was meant to be played with another person because the co-op is amazing and makes the experience of playing the game so much better. But of course playing solo is awesome also.

I just picked up Guitar Hero 2 today mostly because me and my girlfriend played the first game all the time with my friend and his gf.

J said...

Twilight princess is a great game. The temples / dungeons look amazing! I feel like I'm storming through it though. I may stop playing it for a couple of days. *lol*