Friday, December 22, 2006

Ikea Speaker Stands and Virtual Quandary

I’ve preached the importance of making sure your speakers are at the right height, but couldn’t follow-up in my own set up due to a combination of having to use existing furniture, the high cost of speaker stands, and the trouble of mounting on an apartment wall without damaging anything.

I stumbled on these Gaje speaker stands at Ikea the other day and they have made an immense impact in my audio enjoyment. It feels like I have new speakers actually. They are only $25 a pair and have these sticky holders if there are no proper screws on the bottom of your speakers. I really can’t recommend them enough if your speakers aren’t too large to fit on them.

Virtua Fighter 5 Xbox 360
Wow. I saw the news yesterday morning. The funny thing is, the day before that I was talking with someone about how VF5 and Ninja Gaiden Sigma would be enough to justify a PS3 purchase. Now that it’s down to Sigma, I’m not so sure.

Image Hosted by
On one hand, I do believe VF5 on the PS3 will hold at least a slight graphical edge over the 360 version (call it the HDMI difference for those that can see it). On the other hand, I already have a nice arcade stick for the 360 and getting achievement points for the months I will spend playing this game would be nice. Plus, it sounds like there will be no domestic PS3 arcade stick released, forcing me to import the nice, but pricey Japanese Virtua Stick.

$500-600 for a PS3 plus $100+ for an arcade stick, or wait 5-6 months for the 360 version. Practicality versus impatient love for VF5 are on a collision course!


Anonymous said...

You are crazy if you're willing to wait that long for VF, especially if it's just for a bunch of lame achievements. :-) I'm all about the PS3 version for a few different reasons... the 360 version is just a pity port, the PS3 has HDMI support and the PS3 version will probably be more visually accurate due to the arcade system having nVidia hardware, as well. Regardless, by the time the 360 version comes out, I will have played the game to death already and probably already have some money down on Tekken 6 :-)

Martina said...

How so embllishing this Ikea speaker stand adn Virtual Quandary .

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