Wednesday, January 10, 2007

iPhone = OSX Trojan Horse

I have to say, the iPhone unveiling was one of the most exciting keynote presentations ever. This is coming from a person who has attended all (well except for one) of Nintendo’s legendary E3 presentations.

The fact that Cingular is involved and the steep price was a bit of a buzz kill, but I think I’m over that now. It’s ultimately going to depend on available finances in June, but I really, really want one. The reasonable voice inside me insists I should wait a year for the obligatory upgraded version with more storage, lower price, and perhaps a few new features. If I were really patient, I could wait a little longer for the completely redesigned model that would appear after that.

Obviously the market potential for the iPhone is huge as is the ramifications for companies like Palm, but there is another plus for Apple that I’m sure is no accident. Millions of new users will be interfacing with OSX. Millions who will become VERY comfortable with it and come to love using it. Millions who would be much more interested in buying a desktop or laptop running OSX. Several years from now, that could translate to an impossible dream becoming a reality – Macs outselling PCs.

That brings us to the product all technology lovers want, a computer interface like the one in Minority Report. The iPhone UI is the closest we’ve seen and it’s not a stretch to see them carry that over to their desktops.


Honey said...
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