Monday, January 22, 2007

Sticks and Axes

EB/Gamestop had a special this past week where you could trade-in your PS2 for $100 credit towards the purchase of a PS3. Having the older, larger PS2 sitting around (I only use the slim PS2 these days) it was a deal I couldn’t pass up. The only catch was the store had to have it in stock, but that was no problem at the three places I called.

It’s kind of odd buying a system and not getting any games. I’m definitely getting Virtua Fighter 5 and a stick later in Feb. I’ll probably end up borrowing Resistance and Ridge Racer whenever I finally beat Zelda. Until then, the various downloadable demos have been enough for now. It would be nice if they officially released Tekken DR in the US since I’m not sure I want to try the Hong Kong work-around.

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I’ve been wrestling with which arcade stick to get and it came down to availability and economics. The official Sega stick looks killer, but it costs $88 before shipping and you have to wait for it to get sent from Japan to the retailer who then sends it to you. The real deal breaker is that it comes out a week AFTER the game ships.

Thankfully, Hori is releasing their version of the stick in the US Feb 1st, a full 2 ½ weeks before the game comes out. It’s not quite as cool looking, but Hori sticks are quality gear.

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As if adding yet another arcade stick wasn’t enough to clutter up the area, I have to find some place to keep the Guitar Hero controller for the 360. It doesn’t come out till March, so there’s some time to plan perhaps. I’m so happy I waited for this version.

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