Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Twilight update

I finally finished Twilight Princess. I need some time to fully process my thoughts, but at this point it’s easy to say the game was awesome. Fantastic characters, good story, and interesting things to do all add up to one very solid Zelda game. Best Zelda ever? I think my favorites are still (controversial choices ahead) Zelda II and Windwaker. I still need to play Majora’s Mask though.

Already I’ve moved on to Virtua Fighter 5 and loving it. When I’m not in the fighting mood, I’ll most likely split time with Lost Planet. MLB 2K7 came out today and I’d really like to check that out. I need to download the demo. I checked out the Crackdown demo and had a decent time with it. It appears there are still plenty of copies of the game with the Halo 3 Beta key at stores, but I think I’m passing on this one. I can wait till Halo 3 is finished actually.

Of course I can always go out and get Oblivion, but the timing is definitely not right at this point.

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