Thursday, March 29, 2007

PS3 very active

Ever since the 1.60 firmware update was released, my PS3 has been getting a lot of attention. What a huge difference background downloading makes! Went ahead and grabbed a bunch of trailers from both the US and Japanese PSN store.

Currently playing on the system are God of War II, Virtua Fighter 5, and Tekken DR. If my craving is intact after finish GoW II, then I’ll finally go pick up Oblivion. Yup the PS3 version. I would have normally gone straight to Super Paper Mario, but not sure I’m in that sort of mood just yet.

On the 360 front
Finished Lost Planet last weekend and liked it a lot. Very satisfying weapons, sweet visuals, and a decent story. It has its share of problems, but all in all a good time. I’m definitely going to be picking up Guitar Hero II for 360 next week. It’ll be one of those games you can play off and on for the next few months, especially if they keep a good schedule of downloadable songs.

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