Friday, May 04, 2007

Go Warriors!

I moved to the Bay Area around 1998/99 and up to that point followed the Knicks. That was primarily because of Patrick Ewing and the team of that era. John Starks, Charles Oakley, Anthony Mason and later on Allen Houston, Larry Johnson and good old Charlie Ward. But it was really Ewing that I liked and my Knick love had waned greatly since his retirement.

Since they were on local TV more often than not, I started casually watching the Warriors. Ticket prices weren’t as outrageous as other teams so I started going to a few games too. The arena was usually half to 2/3 full (depending on the opponent) and most nights the biggest excitement was getting a free Taco Bell Chalupa if the Warriors scored over 100.

Fast forward to the 2001 season when…IT happened. I can’t remember which game it was now, but after hitting a wide open three pointer, I jumped up and proclaimed Bobby Sura to be a great addition to the Warriors. You heard me, Bob Sura. It was at that moment that I realized I had become a true desperate, rose-colored glasses wearing Warriors fan. There was no turning back.

Fast forward again to last night. The Warriors make history and advance to the 2nd round. It’s almost too crazy to believe. This whole season has been such a wild roller coaster ride. There were a lot of great games in last year’s playoffs, but maaaan…it is so much more exciting when your team is in there and playing tremendous ball. Go Warriors!

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