Monday, June 25, 2007

Evangelion almost pulls me back in (spoiler free rant)

I’ve been selecting random DVDs from the shelf to check out how they looked upscaled on the PS3 and last night it happened to be Evangelion. This was the Platinum release with the slightly cleaner transfer and 5.1 audio mix. I just wanted to enjoy the opening theme music and random scenes, but I ended up watching all five episodes on the first disc. The pacing of these first shows is so stellar, it just grabs you instantly.

I’ve only watched the series through once back in the day on VHS. I skipped the first batch of DVDs and ended up picking up the first three Platinum volumes.

Now I’m stuck. Do I go pick up the other four platinum DVDs? For the same price, I could get the collected Platinum box and sell of the three volumes I already have. I also have to consider that a Blu-ray or HD-DVD release can’t be more than two years away and it’s not like I can’t wait till then.

But wait, it gets more complicated!

So say I start re-watching the entire series. There is the matter of the post series Evangelion movies that sought to clarify and give some better resolution to the whole affair. The movies were considered “still confusing”, “terrible” or “not that bad” depending on who you asked. I never watched them for a variety of reasons like bad transfer quality, fan reaction, and mainly because I had moved on at that time.

Most of this info is old hat and you can read up at length on the series here.

And still it doesn’t end there.

A brand new four movie re-telling called Rebuild of Evangelion is set to be released later this year. Geez…I think its for the best I go back into Evangelion hibernation and re-emerge when the Rebuild movies are all out on Blu-ray.

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