Monday, June 11, 2007

Super PlayStation 2 Haul

Finished off Command & Conquer 3 this weekend. Final verdict: I liked it. Wasn’t wild about it, but it was worth playing through.

Within the past week, I picked up more PS2 games in a concentrated span than I can remember. It started with EB’s clearance sale where I got Final Fantasy XII Limited Edition for $29.99 (marked down from the $39 sticker you see on it). Then came Odin Sphere in the mail from Amazon. I’ve talked about those two before so up to this point, no surprises.

I own Karaoke Revolution 1 and KR Party which actually come in handy when folks come over. The most recent American Idol version has, in my opinion, the best song selection yet in the series. Normally stores only carry the package that comes with the mic, but I managed to find a regular “game only” copy so I snagged it.

I’ve been intrigued by the retro game compilation Taito Legends 2 since its limited GameStop only release a few weeks back. It’s loaded with some great titles I’ve played before, but the true joy is trying out the more obscure ones and hoping to find some gems. It’s only $20, so grabbed one on Sunday. Having an absolute blast so far. With Xbox Live Arcade/VC/PSN retro games selling anywhere from $4 - $10 a pop, it really feels like the deal of the century to get so many quality games. There are a good number of titles that look almost as good as Neo Geo games, or at worst, far better than what the Genesis or Super NES was capable of. Violence Fight and the three Final Fight clones fall into this category.

I’ve been especially haunted by the music in Rastan Saga II. It’s like a synth-heavy version of the Conan movie soundtrack interspersed with bizarre female voices. It changes what would normally be a mundane, albeit incredibly difficult, sidescrolling hack & slash into a psychadellic descent into barbarian hell. The hell part is very apt because the game is very terrible, but I can't stop trying to beat it (Above pic taken from this source). Elevator Action II/Elevator Action Returns was previously only available as a high-priced import Saturn game and it’s totally worth $20 by itself.

Speaking of Xbox Live Arcade, I can’t stop thinking about Pac-Man Championship Edition. I downloaded the free trial and was ready to purchase when the $10 price scared me away. Well, that was four days ago and not a minute goes by where I don’t wish I was playing it. Looks like I’ll have to pay up. I know a lot of my friends are playing so I can’t wait to see what their scores are. I still hold the top spot for Galaga scores in my group, but have been severely outpaced on the Geometry Wars rankings.

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