Thursday, July 12, 2007

E3 2007 Quick Takes (UPDATED Fri)

There’s tons of news on E3 out there so I’ll keep my observations brief and ordered by what I’m loving and not loving.


1. Xbox Live/PSN downloads – I can’t tell you how awesome it is watching the MGS 4 trailer right on my own HDTV. Meryl looks so damn cool. The Killzone 2 trailers is great too. PSN really needs some demos though. Both services delivering so far. Looking forward to tonight. UPDATE - After a strong start, the PSN store had three more items as of today/fri, the last day of the show. Very sad. The live content has been steady with a very long Too Human trailer being one of the highlights. Let's hope we'll see some updates this weekend and early next week.

2. Call of Duty 4 – I haven’t been this psyched for a Call of Duty game since the first one.
3. Slim PSP – I sold off my older PSP a month ago in anticipation of this. Not as radical a change as I might have liked, but I made back more than enough to cover the new slim since I pulled the trigger early. Being able to play PSP games on a TV is killer. Suddenly I’m extra excited about God of War and popping in old favorites like Lumines. The raised D-Pad is a welcome addition as well.
4. Rock Band – How awesome is this game looking? You get four games in one, a guitar that kicks the hell out of the guitar hero one (yes even the newer one), entire albums that will be available for download, and a wider variety of songs. I’ll still get GH III, but maybe I won’t be rushing out to do so.
5. Resident Evil 5, Soul Calibur IV and Halo Wars – 2008 games have been very low profile at this E3 (MGS4 doesn’t count since it was previously 2007), so it was very nice to see how impressive RE 5, SC IV and Halo Wars could potentially be.

Not loving
1. Halo 3 – I can’t believe how mediocre this is looking so far. I’m positive it will still be a great game, but the excitement level is at an all-time low.
2. The pre-E3 press conferences – No really big news or surprises other than the new Mario Kart and Killzone 2 redeeming itself. The logical side of me knows that there are tons of hot games for this fall, so the usual teases of “future” games would be counter-productive.
3. PS3 holiday outlook – With MGS 4 delayed till 2008, the only games to look forward to are the new Ratchet, Uncharted, and possibly Heavenly Sword. Will any of those rock my world the way MGS 4 would have? Where the hell is Tekken 6? Is that 2008 now too? Boo!
4. Wii 2008 – Mario, Metroid, Smash Bros, and Wii Fit are sure to be enough for this holiday, but I’m getting more worried about the 2008 picture. Mari Kart looks super rad and…well, what else will fill the void? Maybe Tokyo Game Show will shed some more light.
5. MGS 4 trailer – Mind you, I loved it overall, especially how much Meryl was in it. When comparing it to past E3 MGS trailers though, it kind of comes up short.

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