Tuesday, September 25, 2007

3rd FPS Game of the Year contender in a row

I pondered very briefly for a few seconds at midnight last night whether I should get dressed and head down to the GameStop a few miles away. That moment passed without much regret.

I stuck to my original plan and hit the nearby Costco as soon as they let in the non-exclusive business members (11AM) and enjoyed the best price in town - $49.99. I would have gone at lunch, but I did sort of panic at the thought of it getting sold out. They had at least 60+ on display and perhaps more in the back. Still it was nice to get in and out before the larger crowds wandered in.

It is very, very strange that not only am I playing three fps games in a row (BioShock, Prime 3), but they are all uber fantastic (the jury for me is still not in for Halo 3, but it'll be good I'm sure). I finished Metroid Prime 3 just this past weekend so the timing is perfect.

So if you have a Costco membership, grab yourself some Halo 3. They also had the Halo 3 Xbox 360 which comes bundled with the special edition of the game.


Anonymous said...


Get Halo 3 for free here along with other Xbox 360 items!!!

Annie said...

I stumbled upon your blog when i was looking at ikea speaker stands. After the GoW Waffles post I think you get the two thumbs up.

So how do you feel about Halo 3 so far. After the 360 ate the crackdown disc i returned it to costco and go a ps3. New chipset and hdmi is also tempting. Worth a repurchase?