Friday, September 21, 2007

My favorite podcast right now is…

Smodcast. If you are a fan of Kevin Smith’s movies or have seen any of his “An Evening With” DVDs, it’s a must listen. For everyone else who enjoys his style of humor, it’s still absolutely worth checking out. It’s Kevin Smith and his producer/buddy Scott Mosier talking no-hold barred about every topic imaginable and it almost always get insanely raunchy. It’s not for the sensitive types.

I have a 40 min to 1 hour plus commute each way so I listen to a ton of podcasts. There has never been one that has made me laugh hard and often as Smodcast. I started with episode 24 (it’s up to 29 right now), but I’ve gone back and downloaded all of them. Unlike many podcasts that start slow and build their style and rythm with each subsequent episode, Smodcast is guns blazing right from the first one. Check it out!

Rock Band Shocker!
I was dead set on buying only Rock Band this holiday and skipping GH III, until I stopped and actually looked at the track lists. GH III has a ton more songs I want to play! It’s not that I hate GH, but I really want that Rock Band 360 wireless guitar and at this point, it’s not for sure it will work with GH III. I’ll have to think about this one right up to release day.

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