Friday, October 12, 2007

Time to enjoy DS is now

Aside from Jam Sessions, I haven’t been using my DS enough. I need to fight the urge to squirrel games away to enjoy only while traveling or for a time when playing on a TV is impossible. I intend to break mental block by popping in Phantom Hourglass this weekend and perhaps another DS title right after that.

What’s caused this renewed resolve to start enjoying the DS? The announcement of Advance Wars 2 and Fire Emblem. The Fire Emblem announcement is loooong overdue. I have the GameCube FE, but it’s hard for me to embrace that experience on the big screen. It doesn’t help that the graphics aren’t spectacular either. I guess the point is that strategy games are my favorite travel genre and knowing two gems are enroute free me to get to playing. I haven’t even touched the first Advance Wars for DS (finished the two GBA ones though).

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