Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Love me some Mass Effect (Spoiler free!)

I’m already into my second Mass Effect play through and will eventually play at least one more time after that (perhaps one more on top of that depending on DLC). I’ll list the details of what I’m doing/planning at the very end of the post so folks not wanting spoilers can just stop reading. So is it my “Game of the Year”? It’s a pretty solid lock. It just hits everything I wanted a follow up to KOTOR to be and then some.

There hasn’t been much time for any other game except for King of Fighters XI since it can be enjoyed in very short bursts. If you still enjoy 2D fighting games at all, you should absolutely pick this up for the PS2. It’s packed with new characters and little touches for fans to discover. I have to admit that I’m not getting as much enjoyment out of XI as KOF 2006, the last 3D installment of the series. Having owned many of the earlier 2D KOF games, there isn’t enough new in XI to make me want to play a ton. At $14.99 though, it’s priced right. Very much looking forward to KOF XII which is supposed to be a total reboot of the 2D series with all new sprites.

The plan for the rest of the year involves mostly going back to finish games I started. I “beat” Mario Galaxy, but didn’t get all 120 stars. I held off on playing through Bioshock a second time on the harder difficulty in anticipation of some DLC and glad the wait has paid off. I really want to finish HL Episode 1 and 2 and maybe complete some more achievements for Portal. I’m probably one or two long sessions away from completing Phantom Hourglass. The mood has sort of passed me, but it would be great to go back and beat Odin Sphere.

I would certainly love to pick up some of the other hot November titles like Uncharted and Rock Band (game only), but there’s no way I’m getting anything new till next year. By then, there should be some great discounts and price reductions. I’ve already done my part in pumping up the game economy with large amounts of day and date purchases this year, so I need to give my wallet a big break for the first half of next year.

I completed my first game as female/soldier/paragon. Second game decided on male/all biotic/renegade. I’m thinking for the third play through to go back to my female soldier so I can get the level 50 and 60 achievements. I also want to try out an all Tech character too (I’m not big on characters with split specialties). I didn’t get the completionist achievement the first time (finished the game around the 30 hour mark) so debating whether I want to try to explore everything on this renegade play through or wait to till I go back to my soldier.