Tuesday, February 05, 2008

HD film festivals and pricey tech

Clive Owen wasn’t in Bourne Ultimatum, but I wanted to watch the trilogy in order and he was in the first one.

After that, the Children of Men HD-DVD I had on Netflix for seemingly forever finally got sent. Fantastic movie. Will probably purchase it whenever it moves to Blu-ray. After that, Shoot’em Up on Blu-ray arrived. This was also another minor miracle as most every newish Blu-ray disc on Netflix is tagged “Very Long Wait”. The movie is quite enjoyable if you can turn your brain off and go along for the ride. It’s definitely not for everyone though.

By the time I got to Inside Man, it struck me that I’ve seen a good amount of Clive Owen in a short time frame. An accidental CO film festival if you will. I saw Inside Man in theaters and have been wanting to re-watch it at home to see how much held up. It totally does and I like it even more now.

If you haven’t seen any of the above, all are highly recommended except for Shoot’em Up. If you only had time for one, I’d go with Children of Men.

iPod Touch 32GB
Apple today released a 16GB version of the iPhone and a 32GB iPod Touch. I’ve been very tempted by the Touch and 32GB is the minimum happy point in terms of storage for a video device. Both of the higher capacity models weigh in at a honking $499 which is about $200 more than I feel comfortable with. Finances are totally baby-driven now so there is no way I could make it work anyhow.

The good news is that this totally sets up a much larger upgrade and price adjustment for both the iPhone and Touch for later this year.

The Cool
I’ve been taping random stuff so I have things to watch in the middle of the night for baby feedings and fussy times. Bullit has been playing on the Universal HD channel, so I took that in last night. The movie oozes style from the very first frame. The film has a deliberate, lazy pace punchuated by a jazzy score and of course the legendary car chase scene. Even now the car chase is impressive and the realness of the danger is impressive. Actors don’t come any cooler than Steve McQueen and he carries an otherwise uneven movie. Maybe I should do a Steve McQueen film festival next?


Ujn Hunter said...

CoM & S'EU great movies! Why no love for HD-DVD? You want CoM on Blu-Ray with 14 mins of unskippable commercials? ;)

Wataru Maruyama said...

I borrow the office Xbox 360 HD-DVD add-on when I want to check out those titles, but I don't own a player so that's the main reason.

Ujn Hunter said...

fair enough! ;)