Monday, March 24, 2008

PS2 lives on

Persona 4 was recently announced in Japan…for the PS2! There’s definitely a part of me that is quite happy to see big releases continue on the platform. I still keep around my PS2 slim (it’s just too cool looking to get rid of) and it has plenty to keep it spinning. For domestic releases, I have on my radar Persona 3 Fes, Arcana Heart, SNK Arcade Classics vol. 1, and Yakuza 1 & 2. That’s not counting the few PS2 titles I still have to get to on the shelf.

I’m probably most looking forward to the SNK Classics collection. I sold my NeoGeo home system a while back (got it used for under $100 in Japan) so it’ll be great to play these games again and at a stupendous bargain price. Hopefully the emulation is good.


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