Friday, June 27, 2008

MGS, DS and Genesis!

Started Metal Gear Solid 4 on Father’s day and now I’m in the middle of chapter 2. Love it so far. I kind of skipped GTA 4 since it seemed like it would be a much larger time suck than MGS 4, but hopefully I’ll get to it sometime this year. After MGS, the only thing I want to play is Soul Calibur IV (wow lots of fours this year).

The DS has come in handy for recent travel. Played little bits of:
- Izuna Unemployed Ninja (great character art, very tough dungeon crawler, may play again)
- Touch the Dead (decent, probably won’t “touch” again)
- Meteos Disney (The sound effects are not as compelling as the regular Meteos and the Disney tunes are a bit too subtle for my tastes)
- Sonic Rush (The most satisfying one out of the bunch. Exactly how I wanted a pseudo 3D Sonic to play. Fast action and wild level designs. Excellent)

The PlayStation 2 has become my go-to retro machine thanks to Taito Legends 2, Capcom Classics, and the SNK Arcade collection. These collections are also massive bargains compared to paying $5+ for single titles on the Wii or Xbox Live. Over the weekend I added the Sega Genesis Collection to the group. It’s been on my want list for a while so it was great to finally grab one. It’s a fantastic group of titles and they all have supplemental trivia, tips, and box art. Lots of good unlockables like the arcade version of Altered Beasts and developer interviews. I think there are like 28 games included, but you’ll get your money’s worth just for Shinobi III and Phantasy Star IV alone. (Shinbo screen taken from Console Classix)