Thursday, August 21, 2008

PSP? Hmmm maybe… (UPDATE)

Last year I sold off my launch PSP with the intention of buying the PSP Slim once it was released, but I ended up getting rid of all the games and pretty much abandoning the platform. It was always in the back of my mind though that I would jump back in if there ever was a really radical redesign, like adding a second analog stick.

The PSP-3000 has very few new features, but it boasts one that is dear to me-a better LCD screen. To be more specific, it is brighter, has double the color gamut, has five times the contrast ratio, and double the response time. How that translates to real world improvements in the visuals is yet to be revealed, but it sure sounds hot.

Tempting, but what's really tipping the scale is the announcement that a new Parasite Eve game, Third Birthday, is coming to the PSP. I’m quite the Parasite Eve fanboy even though the first two games were average at best.

For my travels, my iPhone and DS have me pretty well covered, so it would really take several more big things to make the new PSP a must have. Of course if the screen really does look insane…

That is a pretty snazzy comparison pic. The new PSP is the one on the bottom. Courtesy of

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Catching up

I greatly desired the original iPhone, but the high price was just too much. Now the price is right even though the data plan eats up the savings. At least it’s spread out. I was lucky that I only had to wait a little over 2 hours on launch weekend to get my 3G iPhone and it was a brisk 5 minutes to activate. I use the damn thing so much! Now they just need to release better games and I’ll be set.

This is somewhat old news, but I beat Metal Gear Solid 4. Absolutely loved it. I actually started another game to fully explore the levels and unlock more items. I have yet to try MGS Online, but it sounds neat and they already released an expansion that lets you play as Meryl! The expansion did cause some crashes with the system, so it’s probably best to wait a bit before jumping in.

Aside from MGS 4, the remainder of my gaming is all about Soul Calibur IV. I’m totally addicted to unlocking new items for character customization/creation.

I’m very excited Power Pro is back again this year. I’m planning on picking up the PS2 version (can’t beat $19.99) and perhaps the DS version when it’s released later this month. The PS2 will be used for quick pick-up games at the house while the DS is going to be more convenient for me to enjoy the deep Success, Season, and MLB Life modes when traveling or similar situations.

I’m also very happy that the PS2 in general is getting some great support. The PS3 plays my games just fine, but I just really still enjoy using the PS2 slim. While it’s nice that most of the top franchises make a latter gen appearance (Call of Duty, Bond, Tomb Raider), it’s the niche titles like Eternal Poison and Persona 4 (basically anything from Atlus) that are most appealing. I’m also looking forward to Yakuza 2 (yay for Japanese language with English subtitles!), Samurai Shodown anthology, and most any other SNK collection they can manage to release. There are also no shortage of titles already out that I haven’t picked up yet like Rule of Rose and Persona 3 FES. Great games for affordable prices!