Thursday, September 25, 2008

Throwing the PS3 some love this weekend

The PlayStation 3 has been giving me the stink eye due to all the PS2 software that's been purchased recently. Even though it's a 60GB model and can play these games too, I prefer to use the PS2 Slim for this purpose.

To make ammends, two packages are enroute as you can see above. I've read great reviews of the pic quality of Nightmare (one of my all-time favs) and was just waiting till they lowered the price closer to DVD levels. 

A friend brought over the original Buzz quiz game for the PS2 a year ago and it was a huge hit at this house. Ever since, I've been waiting for the PS3 version with wireless remotes to get released. It came out this week, just in time for company that's coming over this weekend. Yay!

(Amazon Note: In case you were wondering, I'm enrolled in Amazon Prime, the 2-day free shipping program. Stay away from it if you are a compulsive shopper like me!)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

PS2 Fever + Metal Slug face-off!

I still can’t believe Sega actually released Yakuza 2 here so I did my part and picked it up right away. Also tracked down a new copy of the first Yakuza for good measure. Now it’s just a matter of either playing through them now, or waiting till Yakuza 3 gets released in order to get the full experience. I’m thinking this upcoming Christmas break is the ideal time. Maybe Thanksgiving.

In case you haven’t heard, the controls on Metal Slug Anthology Wii suck. All the options they give you are unsatisfying. Luckily the PS2 version was marked down to an affordable $20, which happened to be what I was able to get for the Wii version. Score! 

I didn’t take a picture of it, but I also picked up Singstar 90’s which was also on sale at Amazon for like $18. I really should just upgrade to Singstar PS3 and have all the songs on the hard drive, but it’s hard to pass up the song per dollar value of the PS2 Singstars. I wonder how many other Singstar owners are also putting off the upgrade?

Been playing the import version of Metal Slug 7 (so far, very good) and wanted to visually compare it to the other original creation for a portable, Metal Slug Advanced. Why? Because I’m a big nerd who obsesses over these things is why. As you can sort of see from this side-by-side photo, the characters and objects are slightly larger on the GBA version. Slug definitely “feels” more like an arcade game though. 

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Best Xbox Live bargain ever

Rearmed has secured a place in my top ten games of 2008. It’s challenging, long, rewarding, looks great, fun, etc. There’s not much more to say other than that the 800 points it costs is a fantastic bargain. Remakes of side-scrolling 2D action with “new” 3D graphics are usually earmarked for the PSP. I would have skipped Rearmed on the PSP at the most likely initial price of $29.99 and waited for it to hit $19.99…or maybe skipped it entirely. Regardless of what might have happened on the PSP, I would not be playing it as maniacally as I am now for one simple reason – online leaderboards.

I can’t tell you how many hours have been spent re-playing Challenge levels to shave split seconds off my best time to topple a friend’s score. Last I checked, only one person on my list has completed the entire game so that is my next goal. 

I’ll also play Geometry Wars 2 every now and then, but it just raises my blood pressure too much. Haven’t gotten around to checking out Braid, but I did purchase Castle Crashers. Just a minute into the demo had me sold. I really wish it was disc-based because I’d love to be able to take it over people’s houses or bring it to work because it’s so much more fun playing four players in the same room.