Wednesday, September 24, 2008

PS2 Fever + Metal Slug face-off!

I still can’t believe Sega actually released Yakuza 2 here so I did my part and picked it up right away. Also tracked down a new copy of the first Yakuza for good measure. Now it’s just a matter of either playing through them now, or waiting till Yakuza 3 gets released in order to get the full experience. I’m thinking this upcoming Christmas break is the ideal time. Maybe Thanksgiving.

In case you haven’t heard, the controls on Metal Slug Anthology Wii suck. All the options they give you are unsatisfying. Luckily the PS2 version was marked down to an affordable $20, which happened to be what I was able to get for the Wii version. Score! 

I didn’t take a picture of it, but I also picked up Singstar 90’s which was also on sale at Amazon for like $18. I really should just upgrade to Singstar PS3 and have all the songs on the hard drive, but it’s hard to pass up the song per dollar value of the PS2 Singstars. I wonder how many other Singstar owners are also putting off the upgrade?

Been playing the import version of Metal Slug 7 (so far, very good) and wanted to visually compare it to the other original creation for a portable, Metal Slug Advanced. Why? Because I’m a big nerd who obsesses over these things is why. As you can sort of see from this side-by-side photo, the characters and objects are slightly larger on the GBA version. Slug definitely “feels” more like an arcade game though. 

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