Thursday, September 25, 2008

Throwing the PS3 some love this weekend

The PlayStation 3 has been giving me the stink eye due to all the PS2 software that's been purchased recently. Even though it's a 60GB model and can play these games too, I prefer to use the PS2 Slim for this purpose.

To make ammends, two packages are enroute as you can see above. I've read great reviews of the pic quality of Nightmare (one of my all-time favs) and was just waiting till they lowered the price closer to DVD levels. 

A friend brought over the original Buzz quiz game for the PS2 a year ago and it was a huge hit at this house. Ever since, I've been waiting for the PS3 version with wireless remotes to get released. It came out this week, just in time for company that's coming over this weekend. Yay!

(Amazon Note: In case you were wondering, I'm enrolled in Amazon Prime, the 2-day free shipping program. Stay away from it if you are a compulsive shopper like me!)

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Ujn Hunter said...

I've always wanted to get Prime, but could never justify the price tag... I just always get free super saver shipping... I don't mind the wait. I am sad however that Amazon discontinued the post price match guarantee as that was a BIG reason I always shopped on Amazon (along with no tax & free shipping) as I ordered TNBC Blu-Ray as well, at $27.95 when 2 days later it dropped to $22.95. :(