Monday, October 13, 2008

GBA surgery

I’ve always wanted to use the classic NES GBA SP more, but the screen was just so much darker than the newer SP model. I still have a good number of GBA games and prefer to play them on a proper GBA instead of the DS.

After a quick bit of internet research, I found it was possible to transplant the innards of the newer SPs with the NES GBA. Although the focus of this article I found is about removing the guts in order to paint the shell, it was still invaluable since it included photos and very good instructions.

All told it took me a good hour to delicately replace the screens and circuit board (you can’t just replace the screens or it won’t work). I also switched the batteries to be on the safe side. If you plan on doing this yourself, definitely refer to that link in the paragraph above. You’ll also need to order a Y-screwdriver (don’t pay more than $6 shipped). Other bits of info I can share from my experience is that re-connecting the screen to the circuit board is very delicate work.

I’m super happy with how everything turned out. Highly recommended!


Ujn said...

looking good! i was always jealous of the brighter screens as well... i own a dark nes gba sp... :(

Game Thief said...

Wow, The brightness is much better. I wish Nintendo didn't hold back on increasing the gamma. I always hated the darker screens, lol, no more eye squinting.