Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Feb 2009 pre-orders

Wow who decided to release so many games in feb? Here's what I pre-ordered so far:

Sonic Ultimate Genesis Collection (PS3)
I was very tempted to go with the 360 version for the achievements, but it will be so much easier to play these games with the PS3 controller.

Onechanbara Bikini Samurai Squad (360)
Embarrassing, but yes this is considered a must play in my book. Super wacky, over-the-top zombie slashing action is instant win.

Killzone 2 (PS3)
I’m in the camp of players who loved the original despite its flaws. I thought it was just too ambitious for the PS2. All the early reviews of Killzone 2 verify that it is no longer hampered by the hardware and flat out rocks. I’m psyched.

On the verge of pre-ordering:

Street Fighter IV (360)
There’s no question I’ll pick this up, it’s just a matter of when.

Fire Emblem (DS)
I love the Fire Emblem series and it’s such a perfect fit for the DS. I haven’t finished Sacred Stones, so might wait till I do before grabbing this.

Retro Game Challenge (DS)
I love the concept of playing retro-style arcade games competitively. It’s getting purchased unless it receives horrible reviews.