Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Two tips for PS3 owners

I recently upgraded my PS3 hard drive to a 320GB model and wanted to pass on an invaluable recommendation. In some PS3s, the tiny screws are extremely hard to remove without stripping them. I was super careful using screwdrivers that fit perfect and even cooled down the hard drive casing so no parts were expanded from heat.

I was able to remove one without problems, but all the others were super stubborn and started lightly stripping. That’s when I went to the local hardware shop looking for the perfect pliers that can help. Some forum posts suggested needle nose pliers (which I already had), but they didn’t work for me. What did work and work very easily were “groove-joint pliers”. The way they can grip the screws from the sides in an even manner was perfect. The screws loosened immediately. I put a pen next to the pliers so you can get a sense of scale.

My second tip is for folks who recently picked up Street Fighter IV. I got both the 360 and PS3 versions, but I might end up playing the PS3 version the longest because of these Sega Saturn USB controllers. They were released several years ago in Japan and are still available on eBay. I first read about them on Street Fighter forums claiming how they work perfectly on PS3s. There is some doubt whether these are bootlegs, but the consensus seems to be that the build quality is still top notch either way. This pad is also amazing for the Sonic Genesis collection.

I also tracked down the fairly decent Madcatz Fightpad for the 360, but the Saturn controller blows it away. The only drawback to the Saturn pad is that the USB cord is not very long so you’ll need to pick up an extension cord. It would be so sweet if there was a Saturn controller made to be compatible with the 360 without serious wire modding.

Unfortunately the Saturn USB pads also don’t work on PS2 games played on backward compatible PS3s, so I’ll have to keep on the look out for the limited Saturn pads they released for the PS2. Saw one on auction the other day for well over $200. That’s bananas and probably means I’ll never get one.