Monday, August 17, 2009

New blog coming maybe

So what do you do if you have two blogs you update once every few weeks? Start a new one! Well, not sure if I'll really follow through, but the photography bug has bitten me pretty hard recently and a lot of my free time has diverted from gaming to shooting photos. Will definitely plug it here if it happens.

As for gaming, the iPhone has been getting most of the attention. Secret of Monkey Island is so damn cool. I've only dabbled before so most of it is all new to me. The new art is gorgeous and the trademark humor holds up completely. It's really a steal for $7.99.

Speaking of steals, Doom Resurrection was on sale over the weekend for $2.99. I've been waiting for a discount on the Resident Evil 4 iphone shooter so Doom fit what I was looking for. The graphics are surprisingly great and shooting action feels good. It's on rails so no direct control where you go. Good fun.

The one game I've been dying to get back to is Fallout 3. I haven't downloaded the last two DLC and probably won't until I complete Broken Steal. Thanks to the level cap increase, I've also been exploring more of the standard game and there's a ton I haven't seen. It's amazing how many little stories they packed across the map.