Friday, April 02, 2010

iPad apps downloading

The iPad should be here sometime tomorrow, till then I have to settle for downloading apps to iTunes and syncing later. All the free stuff is a no-brainer, but what to do about the ones that cost real world moneys?

There are quite a few drawing/painting choices already ranging from 99 cents up to 10 smackers. Sketchbook Pro looks like the best of the bunch and seems way feature packed for $7.99. There is an iPhone version that only very patient artists have thrived. The iPad one should be a lot more user friendly just based on screen size.

Photo retouching makes so much more sense on the iPad than the iPhone and Photogene looks pretty decent for $5.99. CameraBag is a little less flashy looking with an asking price of $2.99. This is going to be a super competitive market so it's going to be worth waiting just a while longer for a better selection.

I already bought MLB at Bat 2010 for the iPhone so it's a tough sell for me to shell out another $15 for the big brother. Might wait till the all-star game when the app usually drops closer the $5.

At $12.99, Command and Conquer Red Alert would be the highest priced app I'm considering. Looks snazzy though.

I was a long time subscriber to Time magazine and would gladly do so again on the iPad, but $5 a pop seems way too much. Can't tell from the description if that covers the entire month of April (4 issues) or just this week. I'll give it a chance if it's the whole month.

I'm a huge Geometry Wars fan so I'm totally jumping on this if the iPad version controls are right. $10 is the same price I paid for the full fledged Xbox live version so it would have to control very well indeed.

More soon!

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Ujn Hunter said...

I'm a firm believer that you should have some kind of "cheap" or "free" option of upgrading your iPhone Apps into iPad Apps. (Then again I have no interest in getting an iPad.)