Monday, April 05, 2010

iPad weekend impressions

The iPad's initial battery charge has lasted about two and a half days of fairly heavy usage. I plugged it in to recharge now to finally put out some thoughts. I'm going to try to avoid the same impressions filling the net so will keep things focused on my niche interests.

iWork Pages on the iPad is awesome. I've been doing loose creative writing and some basic page layouts with ease. I got the Apple case and it's perfect for placing on your lap and typing away.

The ComiXology comic reader is a bit buggy, but it features almost all of the Walking Dead series. The first issue is free so give it a whirl. I think the latest issue is #70 and the last issue available on the app is #57 or so. Hopefully they get the rest up soon. It's very nice that they offer the first four collected volumes of Walking Dead though. A very economical way to get into the series. The Marvel app is the most polished of the official comic readers. It really just needs to add more recent comics and offer graphic novels and it'll be complete.

If you want to transfer files and read various documents like pdfs, the Goodreader is a massive steal at 99 cents. I actually bought Airshare HD because I used the iPhone version a ton, but in many ways the Goodreader is superior and costs $9 less. Man I could have saved some money!

I ended up purchasing Sketchbook Pro and half regret it. It is a very good drawing/painting program, but doing something really spiffy takes a ton of time. If there was some sort of stylus that worked with the iPad this program would totally rock.

Out of the four apps I actually paid money for, only Airshare was a total bust. Even if Goodreader didn't exist, Airshare has not been fully optimized for the iPad so there are some problems with the resolution of some documents and large file transfers.

Many old iPhone apps don't look great blown up on the iPad, but there are some exceptions. One is Monkey Island. It looks very very nice still. I never got around to playing it much on the iPhone, but this is the type of game that is aces on the iPad. Speaking of which there is also a Sam & Max game on here too that I will eventually check out.


Ujn Hunter said...

It doesn't cost extra money to put your iPhone games on your iPad does it? I have a ton of iPhone games, but I wouldn't bother re-buying them for the iPad.

Wataru Maruyama said...

No it doesn't coast extra. You just sync those apps to your iPad same Asa your iPhone. The current mix is 70% iPhone and 30% iPad apps on my iPad. That will change fairly soon.