Tuesday, May 18, 2010

DIY Beauty Dish

There’s just something about the soft, glowy light from a beauty dish that is simply irresistible. I had to have one, but the most affordable one I could find was around $100+. Way too pricey for an item that wouldn’t be used very often so going the do-it-yourself route was the only way to go. I found this tutorial to be the most accessible.

Now that link above (and another link from within that article) provide most everything you need to know, but I ran into obstacles that forced me to alter things a bit.

First change, no epoxy glue. I’m not a fan of using it unless there is a project that absolutely requires it, especially with a super curious toddler in the house. I tried some super glue, which was a disaster.

The solution then was to use leftover screws from my “extra things from Ikea” bag. That worked like a charm and they were protectively covered with the little plastic studs you usually place inside of walls. It looked funky, but the paint would make it all nice in the end.

The convex mirror I found did not cover the entire end of the CD spindle so painting it was necessary. I decided on white since that’s what the inner dish would be colored. To make it neat, you must use some sort of painters tape. It’s a good idea to use keep the tape handy when painting the actual dish for a neat separation of the outer black and inner white.

I just have to add some Velcro to the back which will happen on the next run to Wal-mart or the 99 cent store, the supply HQ of affordable Velcro.

Here’s a quick snap with the beauty dish. The effect looks even better on people.


joven said...

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Daniele said...

Hello man! nice tutorial! But exactly what is it the aluminium (I think...?)support for flash?
I mean in the photo 3 and 4. and where did you found it?

maybe you can answer to my question at danieleorsi@live.it

thank you for your help!