Friday, June 18, 2010

Bracing for iPhone 4

Good news: My iPhone 4 will be delivered to my house. Yay!

Somewhat inconvenient news: My wife's is reserved at the local store for pick up because I could not get her order through before the deliveries rollled to July 2nd (and then quickly to July 14th).

I'm hoping things go smoothly as there will be two lines, one for reserves with a confirmation email and another for the unwashed masses who did not pound their keyboard and curse at AT&T's server all day June 15th until it yielded either an order or a real reserve.

I'm already having night sweats about waiting in that line. The 3 hour wait to get the 3G iPhone was not so bad, but the hype and technical problems surrounding iPhone 4 could result in post-apocalyptic levels of chaos. I'm also hesitant to bring my iPad to pass the time in line because it can be dangerous. Yes that was two months ago, but this happened last week.

Image above taken from Apple Insider.

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